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Non-GM feed for Cervena deer

Discerning consumers and top chefs pay premium prices for our Cervena venison because – as well as being a great eating experience -- it comes from deer grazed on the ‘fresh, clean, natural farmlands of New Zealand’. The word ‘natural’ satisfies their concerns about animal welfare and farming systems. They also expect it to mean that Cervena deer are not given GM (genetically modified) feeds. For that reason young deer must be fed non-GM diets in order to be eligible for processing as Cervena venison from 1 January 2019.

Non-GM feed overview
Why was the standard introduced?
What deer are used for Cervena?
Is the standard compulsory?
What feeds are GM?
How do I prove that my deer have been fed on non-GM diets?
What happens if a GM pasture or crop variety is introduced to New Zealand?
Does non-GM mean 100% non-GM or is there a tolerance?
Non-GM feed suppliers
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