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Deer performance analysis

These spreadsheets provide measures of performance for various deer enterprises. The spreadsheets are designed so that you do not have to fill in every detail. Entering starting and/or finishing measures will calculate a result.

Performance Spreadsheets

Select a template from the list to download:

  • Reproduction Template - includes key parameters to record and review the performance of your breeding hind unit.
  • Venison Finishing Template - enter buy-in liveweights and carcass weights. The spreadsheet will calculate average growth rates and average $/head gross margin.
  • Replacement Template - uses key parameters to record and review the performance and profitability of your replacement stock.
  • Velvet Template - records and reviews the performance of your velvet operation using key parameters.

To download a PDF set of completed sheets as examples, click here >>

This resource has been produced as part of the PassiontoProfit programme, a Primary Growth Partnership co-funded by Deer Industry New Zealand and the Ministry for Primary Industries.

More resources

Information about Setting Reproduction Targets is in a handy Deer Fact sheet. Download your own copy here >>

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