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Events in the industry

Find out what events are happening in the deer industry, whether it be an Industry Focus Farm, discussion group, Industry Conference or similar, you can find more information on those here.

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P2P Regional workshops

P2P Regional Workshops bring Advance Parties (APs) together with other deer farmers for a public meeting to work on specific farming topics to help improve farm profit and performance.

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Deer Tech Expo

The Deer Tech Expos connect farmers with technical experts and service providers for a deer focussed, non-commercial day of learning.

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Deer Workshops for Rural Professionals

Knowing more about deer and how they are farmed may improve your services to the rural sector. Farmers with deer are seeking advice to capitalise on good product prices and opportunities for increases in productivity.

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Conference proceedings

The National Deer Industry Conference is an annual event, featuring the NZDFA Annual AGM and conference proceedings.


Next Generation

The NZDFA has developed a programme to foster the growth of those Next Generation deer farmers in the industry that are keen to learn more about deer farming, connect with other like-minded deer farmers and get on farm to see what is possible with the input of knowledge, technology and a little know-how!

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The Big Deer Tour

Deer Industry New Zealand provided future rural professionals with an opportunity to get to know what the deer industry has to offer.

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Future Deer Farmers Experience

The Future Deer Farmers Experience was an all-expenses paid tour of the New Zealand deer industry organised by Deer Industry New Zealand and the NZ Deer Farmers Association to give ag students an up close look at our special industry.