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Johne's disease

Welcome to DINZ Johne’s monitoring service. We help deer farmers in New Zealand use health and productivity information from their processed animals to improve the performance of their herd. Our main focus is the control of Johne's disease. We collect data on all processed deer. This key resource lets us generate benchmarked industry wide venison production information for individual farmers to compare against. 

DINZ Johne’s monitoring service seeks to support all deer farmers in achieving the highest levels of deer herd health, biosecurity, productivity, and profitability.

What is Johne's disease?
How does the disease spread?
How do I know if Johne's Disease is in my deer, what are the symptoms?
Effect on deer production
Control of Johne's disease
Professional advice
About the DINZ Johne's Disease monitoring service
How do I prevent Johne's Disease in my deer heard?
Johne’s and venison productivity report

More resources

Information on Johne's disease is available in a convenient DINZ Deer Fact sheet (August 2015). Download your own copy here >>

The Deer Health Review booklet is an excellent guideline with which to review your herd health management with your veterinarian.

The Deer Branch of the New Zealand Veterinary Association as a point to contact veterinarians with a particular interest in deer health. 

The Disease Research Laboratory at the Invermay Research Centre near Dunedin provides diagnostic testing services for Johne's disease as well as tuberculosis. The DRL offers a blood testing service using the Paralisa (TM) blood test and PCR facilities. To contact DRL phone 03 489 4832 or email simon.liggett@otago.ac.nz

The Johne's Information Centre is the most comprehensive source of information about Johne's disease in livestock available on the web. Its focus is on JD in dairy cattle, but the site has such a thorough coverage of information that it is a great resource for anyone interested in learning about the disease in any species.

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