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Approved maintenance compounds

Approved Maintenance Compounds from MPI website can be found here >>

And as advised by MPI (codes C31, C37, C38, C41 & C44 are approved for velvetting facilities)

This list is by no means exhaustive; it is a list of cleaning/sanitising products that the NVSB has found during its search for suitable products. If you know of more products available that could be added to this site please make contact with the DINZ office to advise.

Infield Group
BioWash, stabilised Chlorine Dioxide
Code C41

Code C 41

Natural Choice
Hy-Kleen 28
Code 31

Bio-Zyme Multi Purpose
Code 38 and organic

Ethical Agents Ltd
SteriGENE Cleaner Code C37
SteriGene Sanitiser Code C38 & C41

AHD (Animal Health Direct)
ViruKill, Sanitiser, C41

Arnold Products Ltd
Elim-n-8 cleaner C31, QC Food service surface cleaner & sanitiser C31.
For more products, please refer to their website www.arnoldproducts.co.nz

Shoof International Ltd 
Strike-400, Sanitiser, C41
For more information, please refer to their website www.shoof.co.nz

Cyclone, cleaner disinfectant/commercial grade disinfectant, cleans, deodorises, biodegradable, C44
Can be purchased from Farm Source, Farmlands, PGG Wrighton & Mitre 10 Mega outlets

Any cleaners with “approved codes” - C31, C37, C38, C41 and C44

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