Executive Committee Update | Issue 186

Mar 2, 2023

Justin Stevens

As we go about our everyday farming lives the weather seems to be affecting us more and more. With the recent cyclones hitting New Zealand hard over the past few months, a great number of people have had their lives and business turned upside down.

On a recent visit to the North Island, evidence was visible everywhere with regards to the impact the cyclones have made and the task ahead to rebuild the damage that has been inflicted. The initial work of contacting deer farmers that had been impacted by the weather has been vital and this has given an important starting point to help with the recovery. To borrow a quote from NZDFA Executive Committee member Karen Middelberg, who farms in the Hawkes Bay, “the rebuild will be a marathon not a sprint and many farmers around the North Island have a lot of work ahead of them”. Please keep a look out for information about how you might be able to assist in the recovery, from donations of time through to materials it will all help and create an impact on getting the job done.

Congratulations to the Waipa Branch NZDFA on the CK Import Export Rising Stars Competition that was held over the past weekend. The quality of the entries gets better and better every year and this is an important event to have. Well done to all entrants and supporters for keeping this going.

At our NZDFA Branch Chair's Meeting held in Wellington last October, the venison price prediction for the Spring of 2023 was aimed at the $10 per kg price range, the indication for this to take place is still there, subject as always to exchange rate and other external factors. This is a move in the right direction and the extreme price fluctuations after this spring peak price that we used to have 10 years ago have all but disappeared. I know for our venison income this has made a big impact and allowed us to finish off younger deer to better weights.

- Justin Stevens, NZDFA Executive Committee Chair, Marlborough

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