P2P From a Farmer’s Perspective | Issue 181

Sep 8, 2022

The Passion 2 Profit (P2P) Programme has certainly made an impact on our farming operation, not just in what we do, but how we do it. As a farmer we are often that busy rushing around from one job to another that we forget how far we have come in a short time.

Looking back on our production figures from 2015 when the P2P programme had just begun, we have now increased our velvet production by around 85% while increasing stag numbers by only 35%.

Obligatory photo of stags (not Justin’s). Photo: Mark Tapley

The best thing I enjoy about farming is the sharing of ideas and the ability to solve problems when we all come together. We have managed to do this by taking on suggestions from fellow deer farmers in the P2P group, focusing on producing more supplements on farm rather than buying in feed, improvements in velvet genetics and also a larger focus on environmental plantings. We will be planting 2,000 native plants that we have propagated from seed last year and planting them over the coming season, along with extra trees to provide more shade and shelter for both stock and creeks.

Advance Parties – farmers learning from farmers

The information that we are now able to access through the Deer Hub and also via Deer Facts, is something that should never be underestimated. Information at our fingertips and also being able to access it on the go, by simply using our cell phones when out and about is truly vital.

Being a member of a P2P group has given us greater access to local specialists with advice in a smaller group situation where we are able to ask questions and seek further help when needed. I believe that we can all improve and be part of a continued positive Deer Industry today and into the future.

- Justin Stevens, Tasman P2P Advance Party Member and NZDFA Executive Committee Chair.

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