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Deer Lameness Workshop

  • Date
    7 Jul - 7 Jul
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This workshop is brought to you by your Deer Industry New Zealand levies.

Aim: Improve information on foot infection in deer including cause, treatment and prevention
Who we want to attend: Vets and farmers who have experienced foot infection in deer.

Online meeting link


Meeting ID: 819 7257 1575
Passcode: 359734

Online timings - 4:30pm meeting start, 7:00pm meeting end

Please register for catering purposes or to receive the online link >>


Part 1: Experiences of those in the room
Part 2: Identify the knowns and the knowledge gaps
Part 3: Potential solutions or plans for further learning - all options on the table
Part 4: Refinement of ideas Pros and Cons, more details.
Part 5: Action plan

Participant preparation

Please come prepared with your own experiences and as much detailed information as possible. If you have a vet report or lab results bring these along or email to pania@farmhealthservices.co.nz before the event.

Please include as much of the following information as possible:

  • Number affected, age group, severity, on farm or transported, number of deaths, and culture results, treatments used and response to treatment
  • Prevention strategies that have or have not worked
  • Any work done to identify and mitigate risk factors in paddocks, yards, sheds or trucks.


Pania Flint BVSc
027 718 1076 or pania@farmhealthservices.co.nz
Farmhealth Services Limited