Cervidae Oral article: Correction | Issue 170

Sep 3, 2021

The article “First triple active oral drench for deer” pertaining to the launch of Cervidae Oral, published in the Deer Industry News issue 109,  August/September 2021, pp20-21 contained an error regarding the efficacy of Cervidae Oral against lungworm.

Regarding the pre-registration farm trials for Cervidae Oral, Veterinarian Mr Dave Lawrence was misquoted.

The article stated: “According to Mr Lawrence, Cervidae Oral proved 98.5% effective in targeting lungworm and gut worm Ostertagia (the two parasites killing deer) on both farms.”

In fact, the trials only investigated efficacy against gut worm Ostertagia, not lungworm. Cervidae Oral was proven 98.5% effective against gut worm only.

Although the macrocyclic lactone component of Cervidae Oral is known to be effective against lungworm in deer when used in other products, its efficacy against lungworm was not tested with Cervidae Oral in these trials. Therefore, no label claim against lungworm in deer is made for Cervidae Oral.

The correct statement was: “According to Mr Lawrence, lungworm and gutworm (Ostertagia) are the two parasites killing deer. Moxidectin the ML in Cervidae Oral has long been known to be highly effective against lungworm and on both trial farms Cervidae Oral proved 98.5% effective against gut worm (Ostertagia).”

The error is deeply regretted, and we apologise to Mr Lawrence for the misquote and to the deer industry for any confusion this may have caused.

Agritrade, a trading division of PGG Wrightson Ltd


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