Expanding the geographic markets for New Zealand velvet | Issue 174

Feb 3, 2022

The velvet industry’s largest healthy food partner, Korea Ginseng Corp (KGC), continues its global growth strategy of its velvet products.

Picture of the newly launched Cheon Nok Yu Fang

Following KGC’s successful launch of its velvet based Cheon Nok “Everytime” (stick) in Taiwan last year, KGC Taiwan has just released another velvet based product –Cheon Nok “Yu Fang” (pouch).

As part of KGC comprehensive launch plan for Cheon Nok Yu Fang, DINZ’s Taiwan based representative, Seamus Harris featured in their promotional video.

Based in Tainan (southern part of Taiwan where most deer farms are based), Harris travelled to Taipei for the filming – which provided a perfect opportunity to talk about why NZ deer farming produces such premium velvet antler.

Screenshots from the launch video featuring Seamus Harris

While in Taipei, Harris was able to host a dinner for the senior Taiwan based KGC executives, along with NZ’s  new diplomatic head of mission to Taiwan, Mark Pearson. Pearson’s previous diplomatic posting to Korea meant he was familiar with the NZ velvet industry and was able to converse a little in Korean during the dinner, to the delight of the KGC executives.

KGC’s New York cafe

Further abroad, in New York, KGC opened a ‘Ginseng Museum Cafe' concept store. The store provides an opportunity to educate New Yorkers to red ginseng and showcases NZ velvet based products, including Cheon Nok.


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