First #nzvenisonbbq day | Issue 168

Aug 13, 2021

Saturday August 7 saw the first global nz venison bbq day. BBQs were fired up in New Zealand, Germany, UK, China and the US with farm raised venison taking centre stage.

Venison fan Hunter McGregor came up with the idea and DINZ and venison marketing companies got in behind it. DINZ promoted the day through its Facebook page with cooking videos and two competitions to win meat and a BBQ. In the lead up to the event 30 venison packs were given awa and the competition received over 2000 entries. On the actual day, more than 100 people shared their venison bbq photos and they all went in a draw to win a BBQ.

New Zealand Venison | Facebook. Are you a fan? 

Over all our BBQ day content was seen by 250,000 people in New Zealand. Here’s a video that highlights the content shared on social media channels here and around the world..



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