Issue 168 | August 2021

Aug 13, 2021


In this issue...


  • Executive Committee Report
    Executive Committee member Karen Middelberg on the recent Next Generation Programme in Queenstown and the issues facing the industry at the moment. 
  • Next Generation 2021
    Last week, a fully subscribed Next Generation Programme was held in Queenstown. This annual event attracts attendees from across the country and is a highlight in the NZDFA calendar.
  • Cervidae Oral is here
    After a four-year journey, a deer-specific triple combination drench is here.
  • Planning to sell velvet this season?
    We don’t want to sound like law enforcers, but if you plan on removing and selling velvet this season, there's a few things you need to ensure.
  • First #nzvenisonbbq day
    BBQs were fired up around the world for the first #nzvenisonbbq with farm raised venison taking centre stage. 
  • Retirement looms
    Described as the worst kept secret in the deer Industry at present, DINZ Producer Manager Tony Pearse is retiring.
  • Future Deer Farmers Experience 2021
    This years experience gave four students the opportunity to learn more about deer farming in New Zealand.
  • Deer vet honoured by peers
    Well-known deer vet and Advance Party facilitator Ginny Dodunski has been honoured by her peers in the veterinary profession.
  • Noticeboard
    DINZ deer farmer meeting in Waikato on 21 September, annual Branch Chairs Meeting confirmed for 11/12 October, Special edition of Stagline Online next week, two positions available at deer stud and DINZ seeking Producer Manager.

Joke of the Month 

Two Mafia hit-men are walking deep into a forest in the middle of the night. 

One of them says, "I gotta admit I'm scared out here."

The other replies, "You're scared.... I gotta walk back alone!"


  • Regional Workshop - Biodiversity and Riparian Planting - 8th September. For more information and to register, click here >>
  • Save the date - Deer Industry farmer meeting in Waikato on 21 September. See further details in the Noticeboard section >>

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