News this month: Retirement looms | Issue 168

Aug 13, 2021

Greetings DFA members. Described as the ‘worst kept secret in the deer industry’ is my decision, after considerable thought, discussion and support from DINZ and the DFA leadership, to retire later this year. The date is to be determined but it will be after the annual NZDFA Branch Chairs meeting in October.

It’s been a wonderful job working within the team of the DFA at the national and regional level, and working from within the strength and commitment of the DINZ team. The role has evolved and changed over nearly 20 years I have been with DINZ with increasing demands of the P2P, the environmental expectations, and the science and research developments. I treasure the great industry events like the annual conferences and DFA activity at national and local level and the producer sides of the venison and velvet antler industries.

Innes, the team, and I have committed to support an effective transition over the next few months. Thank you for the opportunities that have come, and the work that’s been done at local DFA level and in such close association with the DFA Executive Committee. Through all the variety the industry has gone through and achieved in recent years it has been a huge pleasure. Thank you all for the support, the interaction, and your own commitments at local and wider levels. What a journey and a privilege.

Warm regards, Tony Pearse.


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