Keep your unused tags safe from accidental scanning | Issue 172

Nov 4, 2021

Each VelTrak tag contains a RFID chip with a unique number on it. This is what is picked up when a buyer scans your velvet to raise a Velvet Status Declaration for you to approve.

If a tag is close enough to be picked up by the scanner, it will be included on the VSD, regardless of whether or not it is attached to a stick of velvet.

Two things can be done to reduce the risk of unused tags being accidentally scanned:

  • Keeping them at least 5 metres (16 feet) away from any areas on the farm where scanning occurs, and
  • Keeping them in a metal container with a lid, until they are to be used. A biscuit tin or metal toolbox is suitable for this, as the metal helps stop radio waves from reaching the tags.

If unused tags are accidentally included on a VSD and it is approved by the farmer, then they are locked into VelTrak and cannot be used again.


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