Issue 172 | November 2021

Nov 4, 2021

In this issue...

  • Executive Committee Report 
    Executive Committee member Justin Stevens acknowledges the velvet season starting, the challenges facing venison and Tony Pearse's time in the industry.
  • Keep your unused tags safe from accidental scanning
    Avoid accidental scanning. Please keep unused VelTrak tags at least 5 meters away from tagged velvet. If possible, please keep in a metal tin box with a lid e.g. biscuit tin or tool box. If unused tags are accidentally included on a VSD and it is approved by the farmer, then they are locked into VelTrak and cannot be used again.
  • Moving on: In conclusion
    Reflections from Tony Pearse as he retires and acknowledgements from the current and recent previous chairs of the NZDFA Executive Committee and current DINZ Board Chair.
  • Velvet season starts firm
    The 2021/22 velvet season has started on a positive note with NZ exporters are busy negotiating contracts and five new products have been launched that contain NZ velvet.
  • Venison Update
    Good demand for venison in Europe and steady in the US, however shipping issues continue. Local market promotion of venison in New Zealand food magazines.
  • Changes coming to VSD declarations
    The Velvet Status declaration in VelTrak could be causing some confusion amongst farmers. We will amend the wording but in the meantime, here's a simplified explanation of the VSD questions.
  • Preparing for Covid-19 on-farm
    Checklist for farmers and COVID-19 on farm self isolation or quarantine webinar - what you need to know.
  • National Technical Workshop 2021 Video recordings
    For those who could not make it in person, video recordings from the National Technical Workshop in May are now available.
  • Noticeboard
    NZDFA contact list | Call for a 2022 DINZ Board Observer | Drop-in sessions with Otago Regional Council | ECan pest awareness notice: Chilean needle grass | MetService Outlook for November | In Hindsight – 50 years of deer farming in New Zealand |Vet students looking for placements on deer farms
  • Events
    Elk Wapiti Society NZ Velvet competition | Notification of cancelled events (including the SCNO and National Velvet and Hard Antler competitions) 

Joke of the Month 

One day when Jesus was relaxing in Heaven, He happened to notice a familiar-looking old man. Wondering if the old man was his father Joseph, Jesus asked him, "Did you, by any chance, ever have a son?"

"Yes," said the old man, "but he wasn't my biological son. He was born by a miracle, by the intervention of a magical being from the heavens."

"Very interesting," said Jesus. "Did this boy ever have to fight temptation?"

"Oh, yes, many times," answered the old man. "But he eventually won. Unfortunately, he heroically died at one point, but he came back to life shortly afterwards."

Jesus couldn't believe it. Could this actually be His father?

"One last question," He said. "Were you a carpenter?"

"Why yes," replied the old man. "Yes I was."

Jesus rubbed His eyes and said, "Dad?"

The old man rubbed his eyes and said, "Pinocchio? 

EVENTS - please note all events are subject to Covid-19 restrictions in place at the time of the event

  • 2022 EWSNZ Velvet and Hard Antler Competition: Judging - Thursday 27th Jan and main event on Fri 28th Jan at the Brydone Hotel, Oamaru,  click here to see details >>


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