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Not registered with VelTrak yet? The clock is ticking… | Issue 166

Jul 2, 2021

The VelTrak team sends a big thanks to everyone who has registered their farm with VelTrak™. More than half of all deer farms are now registered, says Deer QA administrator Pam MacLeman.

But it’s important for anyone who hasn’t registered and nominated a vet practice on VelTrak to please do so now.

“Every farm that wants to sell velvet in the 2021/22 season will need to be registered with VelTrak and be using the new black tags. Vets can allocate tags only to those farms that are registered,” says Pam.

“Vet clinics start ordering tags for their farmer clients in July. So, if you delay registering until the start of the season, you may have to wait for your tags to be ordered and delivered before you can sell your velvet.  

“So, if you haven’t registered, do so now – or please give the helpdesk a call. We have yet to hear a problem or concern that can’t be resolved. We’re here to help.”

Can’t find your vet clinic on VelTrak?

You’ve gone on-line and registered with VelTrak, but can’t select your vet practice because its name isn’t in the drop-down box (see illustration)? That’s because the clinic hasn’t registered with VelTrak.

“If you can’t find the name of your vet practice when you register, please phone your vet and let them know you are unable to link your farm to their practice until they have registered with VelTrak,” says Pam.

VelTrak helpdesk
Ring the DINZ office

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