SAP Appointment of new Producer Representative to the DINZ Board | Issue 190

Jul 13, 2023

New producer appointed DINZ board member Paddy Boyd

The Selection and Appointment Panel (SAP), which consists of the four elected SAP members and the four elected NZDFA executive committee members, met and interviewed this years Board candidates in Wellington, in June.

We were pleased to have the opportunity to interview three strong candidates and thank them all for taking the time to put their names forward to help lead our industry. This is such an important part of farmers needs being well represented at an industry governance level, the industry is fortunate to have the ability to tap into the wealth of knowledge and skills we have at grassroots level.

This year the panel welcomes Paddy Boyd to the position with his in-depth industry experience from years of active involvement. He will join the other three Producer Board representatives at his first Board meeting in July for a three-year term. Boyd, the longtime manager of Haldon Station in the Mackenzie Basin has represented farmers in the Passion2Profit (P2P) programme, on the SAP, the National Velvet Standards Body (NVSB) and the OSPRI Stakeholders committees. Last year, he was awarded Life Membership of the NZDFA in recognition of his contribution and knowledge. He replaces Kris Orange, whose term finishes at the end of June.

It is vital that our industry continues to develop the next generation of leaders who are truly in touch with the needs of those inside the farm gate. We believe that these skills can be gained by getting involved with NZDFA Branches and taking on roles within that structure, as the SAP are continually looking for candidates to represent us at the governance level who are in touch with producers and the NZDFA side of the industry.

This year we had three such candidates to interview, and again I would like to thank them all for putting themselves forward and congratulating Paddy on his success.

- Karen Middelberg, SAP Chair

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