Venison inspo for New Zealand foodies | Issue 177

May 5, 2022

DINZ is working to keep New Zealand venison at the front and centre of Kiwi cooks’ minds. Nick Taylor, Deer Industry New Zealand’s Venison Marketing Manager, has been working on campaigns that show why venison is a great addition to a healthy diet.

“The promotions have not only focused on venison’s great taste and versatility, but also on its wealth of nutritional attributes such as being higher in iron and protein, and lower in fat than other red meats, as well as being a great source of zinc” says Nick.

Venison nachos featured in the Australian Women’s Weekly for Easter and on the NZ Venison social media channels.

Can't go past these venison nachos for an end of the week pick me up - especially when it's made using New Zealand farm-raised venison 👌🏼 | By New Zealand VenisonFacebook

“An exciting initiative to be part of was the 30 Days NZ Food Writers Challenge – which New Zealand Venison sponsored,” Nick adds. The challenge, held over March and April, included two special days dedicated just to venison.

30 Days NZ Food Writers Challenge special venison day.

“The result was a great success with some of New Zealand’s most prominent food writers sharing images of their dishes and serving up inspirational recipes ranging from impressive dinner party dishes such as seared venison rump, to simple everyday meal ideas such as tasty and lean venison meatballs and salads.”

Seared venison rump @thefoodieinc

The NZ Food Writers Challenge followed promotions in the NZ Herald’s Viva and Canvas publications and social media channels in December, as well as the Australian and New Zealand Women’s Weekly feature on NZ venison in its Kiwi Christmas article, which resulted in over 20,000 video views and 1,000 user engagements on social media.

The next New Zealand venison promotion on its way is a series of advertorial recipes in Dish magazine starting from June, giving Kiwi cooks even more reasons to add venison to their shopping lists.

Venison projects helping the recovery

The latest Deer Industry News highlighted the work happening with venison. If you haven't checked them out, click through on the articles below to read:

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  • Logistical hurdles but exporters confident: Covid-19 disruption and, most recently, the conflict in Ukraine, are presenting hurdles all the way along the cold chain for exporters. They are having to nimbly find solutions for difficult logistics challenges to make sure they can meet the strong recovery in demand for New Zealand venison, as foodservice reopens around the globe. Page 8 >>

  • Venison tenderloin sells out fast in United States: Venison tenderloin sold out fast in First Light Foods’ new US online store after its launch in March of this year. Page 11>

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