What’s been happening around the country? | Issue 198

Apr 4, 2024

By now many deer farms will be filled with the sound of stags or bulls trying to out compete each other in impressing the deer ladies. Although there is no need to remind everyone, this is a dangerous time of the year as normally mild-mannered stags turn into testosterone saturated, angry muscle. Every few years there are tragic events where owners have had serious injury or deaths at the hands of stags during the roar. So please take care over the next month.

I am pleased to announce that as of 10 April, Louise Balkham will be joining the DINZ office as parental leave cover for Cenwynn Philip (on leave from 24 April). Louise will be at conference in May so please come up and say hi to her. She’s currently working at Apiculture NZ, so hopefully you can show her that deer farmers are as welcoming as beekeepers!

Also this is Cenwynn’s last issue of DFA Stagline for a while as she embraces parenthood for a second time. We wish her all the best and thank her for making sure that the NZDFA functions smoothly (or as smoothly as our database allows).

This week you should also receive information via email (or post for a few) on voting for two Selections and Appointment Panel members. There are three nominations and voting for these positions closes on Tuesday 30 April.

These are two very important positions as the SAP provides a robust and independent process for deer farmers (via the NZDFA) to choose their representatives on the DINZ Board. This year we are trying out a new voting process using Please let us know how easy or difficult the voting process is compared with our previous postal only or email and postal voting systems.

Our preparations for this year’s industry conference are on-track, a month out with registrations picking up nicely. It’s looking to be a conference with something for everyone and we are very lucky to have some great sponsors on board this year to help keep costs down but also to demonstrate the support and backing we have from businesses that have confidence in our industry. A reminder to register early for the conference, dinner and field trip so that you don’t miss out!

This is just a short update as it has only been a few weeks since the last DFA Stagline and much of that has been office bound with various internal DINZ activities, however I will be getting out to some branches between now and conference. As always, feel free to contact me (or your branch Chair/committee) if you want to discuss any issues or opportunities.

- Lindsay Fung, Producer Manager

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