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New DINZ strategy to accelerate industry recovery and confidence

Dec 16, 2022

The Deer Industry New Zealand (DINZ) Board has just released a new five-year strategy to facilitate the industry’s recovery and build confidence in a sustainable and profitable future. “Our vision for the sector is for it to thrive with passion,” says DINZ CEO Innes Moffat.

View the strategy here >>

 Our new strategy guides the actions that DINZ is taking to accelerate the industry recovery and give confidence that we have a sustainable and profitable future.

Every dollar earned at the farm gate generates value by creating jobs, stimulating economic growth and facilitating stronger communities. These impacts are magnified by local and global businesses and consumers that support the deer industry.

The future is also ripe with opportunity, especially for such a young industry. Our two key areas of focus are growth and adding value. There are six key projects we have underway to help lead a confident deer industry:

  1. North American retail programme, supporting companies to develop value added retail items from leg cuts to grow demand in the US.
  2. More NZ velvet sold for higher prices through health food and functional food channels in China and Korea to expand uses and demand for velvet.
  3. Farmers maintain and advance best practice methods to remove velvet, which results in greater customer confidence and higher returns.
  4. Leading the development of new science and innovation to support deer farming to adapt to changing social, consumer expectations.
  5. Our community of deer farmers and their advisors are connected and telling the story of how we farm sustainably.
  6. Fit for Purpose DINZ – delivering exceptional services for the industry.

New Zealand-farmed venison is truly a cut above and our velvet is highly prized around the world for its rare, therapeutic properties. Deer co-products also have huge potential for our industry to tap into. New Zealand’s landscapes, climate and quality farming practices put our products in a league of their own.

Our industry is now responding to both the clear opportunities presented as well as a collection of significant challenges — how we respond is going to shape our future.

DINZ’s role is to be the ‘glue’ in the deer industry. This means that we want to hear from our members of the deer farming whānau — feedback, questions and ideas are all welcome. Contact us over email at info@deernz.org or over the phone on 04 473 4500.

Innes Moffat
Deer Industry New Zealand

December 2022

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